The Doll


Saludos radioactivos!
Tras mucho tiempo sin publicar por aquí tenemos noticias frescas. Nuestra primera maqueta está cerca, nos encerraremos a grabarla en breves.
Mientras tanto un vídeo grabado el pasado agosto (xa choveu…)

La letra del tema:

The Doll

The music whispered in the wind

While the echo drank the feel

Of a thousand soldiers crying

To come back alive from dying

There is a doll between war debris

Waiting for a kid that won’t come

You won’t ever feel her kiss

She was all you cared about and now is gone

Diplomacy has done its work

But hypocrisy won your war

Democracy is bleeding and dying

Stabbed in the back by the ones who run your money

There is a doll beneath war debris

Waiting for a kid that won’t come

Have you ever cared about the air you breathe?

All you care about is gone

There is a doll that is sinking

In the black waters of your sins

Like an anchor drown in the sea

There is a doll that is singing

A song that reminds me some place better

To a memory ripped from the living

The place to come back

The place to go never

-Radioactive Toy-